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Meez is the best virtual world online and it’s all about 3D avatars, virtual neighborhoods, and games. The only problem is that the best items need to be purchased with Coinz, which cost real money. But that’s were Meez Coin Hack comes in, a program that gets your account free Coinz

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After downloading Meez Coin Hack v3.6 you’ll have access to tutorials on how to use it, but it’s really very easy. Just need to login to your Meez account, gather some information (you’ll never need to give up you password) and you’ll be awarded a Coinz every 5 seconds for as long as the program is run. You will also be able to use a discussion board if help is needed. You won’t need any codes or cheats to get the Coinz, just the hack.

For those people new to Meez, a Meez is basically your 3D ID. You can fully customize your avatar by using MeezMaker. In it you can pick out what to wear, your hair, accessories, etc. New items are added regularly.

When you create your avatar, you can then go to Meez Nation and visit its 6 different Hoods. Each Hood has its own atmosphere and style, you might like one over the other. And each individual Hood has its own Hangouts. Each user with their Coinz can also create a Room in RoomzMaker, and design it with a custom theme and choose the wallpaper, floor, furniture etc. Each Room can have up to 11 people inside and Hangoutz can have up to 20.

Meez of course is built around people. In it you can have a profile page and meet new people and add them as friends. In order for someone to become your friend, you send an invitation and they must accept it. But don’t worry, most people are very friendly. If you want to customize your profile you can use the Media Box. And bit of HTML that goes on any webpage, you can use on your profile. This allows for unlimited customization. You can embed links, images, videos, and music. If you want communicate with someone privately you can send a Private Message. And any inappropriate behavior can be reported and in some cases users get banned.

Another huge part of the site is games. You can play them on PCs and Macs as well as on your smart phone. To play the games all you need is to have Flash installed on your computer, and the program is free. Games can even earn you Coinz.

Virtual worlds have exploded onto computers ever since the 90s. They affect the ecommerce, travel, and commercial world. But no where have they had their mark quite like the social/game world. Programs such Second Life, Onverse, Active Worlds, Twinity, and of course Meez. Part of the appeal of this kind of software is that it allows a person to be able to start fresh.

It’s like going to a new high school for the first time; nobody knows you. Except unlike going to a new school, anyone can actually be whoever they want to be. You choose your body, your hair, what kind of car you drive, your hobbies, and everything except your actual personality. And that’s part of the magic, people will see you for who you really are. If you’re witty, or imaginative, or playful, that’s what people will see you for.

But of course status still matters. And it’s all about what virtual items one owns and how much power one has in Meez. That’s why the Meez coin hack is so great. You don’t need a credit card with a high balance on it, or hundreds of hours winning a few coinz in games. This is a total shortcut and one that needs to be taken advantage of before it’s too late.

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Why We Love Meez

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